Digital Dogma.png

Digital Dogma

Directed by Hafsah Mijinyawa

A captive engineer is presented with an unusual request by his own, equally unusual invention.

Director Bio

Hafsah is a multimedia designer and self-taught illustrator. Growing up with a family of English teachers encouraged an early interest in writing and storytelling, which developed into an affinity for various components of the creative arts.

As a student, she bridged the realms of film and design with a multidisciplinary curriculum, and continues to diversify her career interests and skill sets as a freelance designer and member of Duo Security's Creative team. 

She is passionate about finding compelling and meaningful narrative angles in both the media she consumes and creates. Also a hobbyist screenwriter who is a fan of the absurd, Hafsah enjoys generously tinkering with common storytelling tropes to create bold, if bizarre, narratives.