Secrets to Network Marketing

Why the bad rep?

Network marketing, Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), or directs sales is by far one of the most popular home business models available today. You can start your own business for a nominal start up investment of anywhere from $29 to $2900. You can choose your own hours and the income potential is seemingly unlimited. This is why it is laden with amateur, wannabe millionaires that may have good curso de moda para iniciantes intentions but have no idea what they’re doing – and the entire industry has suffered greatly as a result.

The concept is sound, however many years of dishonest people and companies have repeatedly taken advantage of people just trying to find a way to honestly make a few extra bucks a month. They buy into the American dream and are just SURE all their friends and entire family will see the “opportunity” just like they do and jump right in. Sure, some will, but most won’t. Now their friends screen their phone calls and avoid them in social gatherings.

Waste of time and money…

Most people have either attempted, or know someone that has attempted the business so they’re already tainted or they’ve heard the horror stories and it prevents them from even taking a serious look into the business model to begin with. If you’ve spent any time online researching the subject you’ve more than likely already read several very negative articles. If you’re here reading this now, there is a reason. The universe has a funny way of bringing people and information into our lives in one way or another when the timing is just right.

If you haven’t spent any time researching online yet, wait until you finish this short book before doing so. The reason I say this is because you will find countless articles and websites bashing the industry and explaining why it’s a waste of time and money. Unfortunately, this is in fact what the business is for MOST people that attempt it – a waste of time and money. I’m here to say that it doesn’t have to be that way. The problem is that many are lured into the business with hopes of making it big – with little or no effort. And although I’ve heard stories of people recruiting just a few and making a six figure income – this is rare – kind of like winning the lottery. This doesn’t mean the business doesn’t work though.

But only if you know the secrets…

The business can be easy and enjoyable – but only if you know the secrets. Once you find them out you’ll wonder why more people don’t know them because they’re so simple. I continue to wonder why more people don’t teach these simple tactics. Because so few really know the secrets, so few ever receive the knowledge necessary to weather the (perceived) storms and ever make any real money. Maybe you’re just looking to make an extra $500 or $1000 per month and that’s fine, but once you know how to really work the business effectively why would you stop there? Why not REALLY become free and make $5,000, $10,000 per month – or more?

One of the big reasons the industry has taken a beating over the years is because people believe that they can make this kind of money without any real training and coaching. It takes several months to really learn the trade and years to build up that kind of income – but what else do you have planned for the next 3 to 5 years? There are people in this business that just “get it”. They are the rich ones. They typically make $100,000 to $300,000 per MONTH! Are you able to wrap your mind around numbers like that? What about the rest of us though? What about those of us who tend to see the negative side of things and really struggle with rejection? What if we don’t really know how to approach our friends and family members – let alone total strangers? What if we don’t know the secrets of the trade?

You get what you pay for…

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying “You get what you pay for” but I promise that you’ll receive WAY more value for your money than the tiny price tag on this book as I’ve spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars learning the tips, tricks, and secrets contained within. These are the same techniques and mindsets the professionals use to literally make millions of dollars in the network marketing industry.

This book is completely unbiased when it comes to the company you decide to partner with. When using the techniques you’ll read about shortly, you can make network marketing work for you with any reputable company. I will still provide you with some basic guidelines that you should follow when considering different companies to partner with. I’ll also hold nothing back on the typical pitfalls that most new distributors and associates encounter and how to avoid them.

Light at the end of the tunnel…

I wrote this book in a condensed and easy to read format so that you could absorb the information quickly and make your decision. I’m assuming that you’re considering the business and would like to make your decision and either look at some other type of business model OR start moving towards some goals in network marketing with the company of your choosing.

I guarantee that if you have any questions as to whether the business of network marketing is for you or not, you’ll have a MUCH better understanding of the industry and will be able to make a much more educated decision after this short read. If you’ve already decided that it IS for you but you’re just about fed up with it and you’re desperately seeking answers to the seemingly impossible questions – you have just found the light at the end of the tunnel.

You’ve just read the Introduction to my ebook Network Marketing: How It Works And Why It Doesn’t (for most)

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