Non-judgment day is near

We’re all guilty of it – judging others based on our own reality. We’re naturally drawn to others that share the same race, the same religion, the same belief system. Why are we better than those over there? It’s completely natural to feel superior to others based on our own beliefs – but guess what? That is one of the beliefs that we all share! I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Walk a mile in a man’s shoes…” but how many of us actually take a few minutes to truly do this? Everyone grows up in a little box that their cultures create for them. As you know, these boxes can vary greatly from one culture to the next.

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” – Albert Einstein

A few weeks ago I was sitting outside at my sister’s house and I looked across her porch and observed two chairs sitting next to each other. One of the back rests looked as if it was curved. This looked confusing because it didn’t look like the other chair and I didn’t recall one of the chairs being curved. I even started to ask my sister “What’s up with that chair? I don’t remember it being curved” but I shifted myself in my chair and gained just a slightly different perspective and realized that it was just my position, my perspective on the chair that made it appear different. We’re all the same when you really think about it. We just have different perspectives. Everyone is on their own journey, their own path. I’m not suggesting that we allow others to hurt us but if their beliefs or actions don’t hurt me or others then I’m more inclined to just shake my head and let them be.

I was raised in the Christian faith and other religions felt very foreign to me. Notice I said “felt”. I’m completely neutral in my religious beliefs now. I don’t believe one is any better than the other – just different – and that’s ok. To some, religion isn’t important at all, they prefer a more spiritual approach to life. Why must we concern ourselves with others’ religious beliefs? Their condition cannot affect ours unless we allow it. They are not any better than us and vice versa. Religion is one of the hot buttons in our society and I typically try to avoid the subject but as I sat down to write about non-judgment the words started to flow. I never set out to offend anyone, ever, but unfortunately there will probably always be a group that decides to allow another’s beliefs to utterly ruin their day. They’ll have to gripe about it, stew about, get stressed about it and it will literally ruin their day – over someone else’s beliefs. I think it’s madness.

Is it possible to truly love and respect someone yet have very different beliefs about life and God?

What would this world be like if we truly respected each other’s beliefs? This one question alone will probably get some worked up. This is not my intention, but I believe we’ve all be conditioned from childhood to believe that we are better than that person over there. We’re right, they’re wrong. We’re going to heaven, they’re going to hell. Oh, we “love” them, but they’re going to hell. Let me make something clear though, if you still choose to believe this way then there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s your choice. No one should have other’s beliefs forced upon them by another. Is it possible to truly love and respect someone yet have very different beliefs about life and God? I say yes, but it takes practice.

Live with passion. Live with conviction. Live with purpose. Truly Live Today.

Spare your judgment and stay connected

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