Rik Cordero


Rik Cordero is a Filmmaker, Producer and Director for the A2 Tech Film Showcase. He was born and raised in Queens, New York and recently relocated to Ann Arbor, Michigan with his wife Nancy and 8-year-old daughter Chloe. He was nominated for Video Director Of The Year at the 2009 BET Awards and was a recipient of an American Advertising Federation Mosaic Award for the US Marine Corps’ Where I’m From national broadcast campaign. Rik was named one of the 100 Most Influential Artists of the Decade by Complex Magazine in 2012, and nominated for a Best Hip Hop Music Video Award at the 2013 MTV Japan Video Music Awards. In 2016, he was nominated for a Viral Webby Award for First-Time Virtual Reality Viewers React To VR Porn, produced for Complex Media. 

From Rappers to Hackers - Rik brings his unique vision to Duo as Senior Media Producer where he collaborates with all departments on brand awareness, company culture and product marketing through commercials, documentaries, branded content and social media.

When he's not filming or editing, you'll find Rik modding cameras, making magic videos and tinkering with personal electric vehicles.



Trey Boynton


Trey Boynton has spent her professional career working to create inclusive environments. For nearly 20 years, she worked in university settings with students, faculty and staff in diversity leadership roles. She joined Duo in August 2017 as their first head of diversity and inclusion to guide overall strategy and connectedness initiatives. For Trey, inclusion work is deeply personal. She describes it as “head and heart work,” centered on creating spaces where employees are valued, celebrated and able to define their own success. In short, her ultimate goal is to reduce barriers to brilliance.

Originally from her beloved northern California, she studied at Spelman College, Georgetown University and the University of Michigan. Her most important job is helping her two young feminist daughters continue to be awesome. In the two minutes of time she has left to spare, she fancies herself a furious colorer, a haphazard crochet-er and an expert on all things Jane Austen.


Hafsah Mijinyawa


Hafsah is a multimedia designer and self-taught illustrator. Growing up with a family of English teachers encouraged an early interest in writing and storytelling, which developed into an affinity for various components of the creative arts.

As a student, she bridged the realms of film and design with a multidisciplinary curriculum, and continues to diversify her career interests and skill sets as a freelance designer and member of Duo Security's Creative team.

She is passionate about finding compelling and meaningful narrative angles in both the media she consumes and creates. Also a hobbyist screenwriter who is a fan of the absurd, Hafsah enjoys generously tinkering with common storytelling tropes to create bold, if bizarre, narratives.



Chrysta Cherrie


Growing up around the corner from a neighborhood cinema, Chrysta Cherrie has been a movie buff for as long as she can remember. She finds inspiration in stories that take her to another place and give insight into perspectives beyond her own, especially when that entails amplifying lesser-heard voices.

When she's not watching or talking about movies, Chrysta can be found spending time with her partner Greg and their dog Digby, curating music for Ann Arbor Roller Derby, staying active around various social justice issues, crafting the voice of Duo Security's marketing and social media content, and wondering where she's going to eat next.

A graduate of Eastern Michigan University, she studied Electronic Media & Film and Graphic Communication, and for over a decade hosted a variety of music programs at WEMU.