Directed by JUNE BAE

Social media addicted and self-obsessed teenage girls unknowingly find themselves with incriminating evidence. Through a selfie.

Director Bio

June Bae is a filmmaker originating from Houston, Texas. He moved to Detroit after graduating from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts in Screen Arts and Culture, a fancy term for film studies.

His career began at a local news station, creating the terrible jingle commercials that we all despise. Soon after, he experienced years of heartbreak in the advertising world, where any hint of artistic expression was smothered - immediately. In an act of desperation, June participated in the Detroit 48 Hour Film Project, where he directed his first short and by some miraculous wonder won an Audience Award.

Since then, his work has screened in festivals and showcases such as the PBS Reel 13, International Pancake Film Festival and now the A2 Tech Film Showcase.

His parents rejoice daily that he has a job.