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U Mad?


When dating in the digital age, is social media a welcome guest or a third wheel?

Director Bio

Growing up around the corner from a neighborhood cinema, Chrysta Cherrie has been a movie buff for as long as she can remember. She finds inspiration in stories that take her to another place and give insight into perspectives beyond her own, especially when that entails amplifying lesser-heard voices.

Happy to get lost in the worlds that other filmmakers create, Chrysta is stepping outside of her comfort zone to make her directorial debut as part of the A2 Tech Film Showcase. When she's not watching or talking about movies, Chrysta can be found spending time with her partner Greg and their dog Digby, curating music for Ann Arbor Roller Derby, staying active around various social justice issues, crafting the voice of Duo Security's marketing and social media content, and wondering where she's going to eat next.

A graduate of Eastern Michigan University, she studied Electronic Media & Film and Graphic Communication, and for over a decade hosted a variety of music programs at WEMU.